A “Boycott, Divest, & Sanctions” Movement Against Empire

Let’s call for a “Boycott, Divest, & Sanctions” Movement Against Empire!

Sanctions, trade embargoes, phony “humanitarian aid”, are the First World’s weapons of economic warfare of the against the Third World. Currently, the United States and the other rich imperialist countries of the First World have economic sanctions on dozens of countries who’s only “crime” is seeking economic independence from the global capitalist-imperialist system. (1) These countries include Cuba, northern Korea, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, all viewed as “rogue states” by the very imperialist rogues seeking to destroy whatever independent economic initiative these countries currently have. Third World countries destroyed by overt imperialist military intervention and occupation, such as Iraq and Libya, had the same crippling sanctions imposed on them by the imperialist rogues before their destruction –what these ghoulish imperialist rogues refer to as “liberation”.

Even countries like Russia and China, which straddle a line between rich and poor countries globally, face sanctions from the First World imperialist countries. In China’s case, the United States is arresting the leadership of their top companies. (2) The First World will oppose any attempt to create a competing imperialist bloc to the current “G7” global economic framework. This is especially the case when China and Russia can be seen playing a positive role in helping to shore up the resistance of the besieged Third World countries. This places Russia and China as friends of the Third World masses of people at this time, while the governments of other “BRICS” countries like Brazil and India tend to stand with Western imperialism currently.

Armed struggle is the most historically visible method by which the masses in the Third World have resisted imperialist aggression. The resistance of Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam against US imperialism is a prime example in the 20th century. The strategy of People’s War was systematized from the experience of revolutionary China as the way impoverished masses of people in the Third World can defeat the aggression of a rich First World country with much more powerful and technologically advanced military. In the 21st century, however, the imperialists have learned key lessons from their defeats in the 20th century. This is evident with the current hubris in which the First World seeks to topple one independence-oriented Third World country after another. The First World rulers truly believe that they have the science of counterinsurgency perfected, that no rival will ultimately stand against them, and that their rule of the Earth has heralded the “end of history”. (3)

Fortunately, the peoples of the world terrorized by imperialist militarism can and have already adjusted strategy, tactics, and logistics to counter the enemy. In the realm of imperialist economic terrorism on the masses of the Third World, there are also new tools to counter the enemy in addition to the general labor strike. The most recent ongoing successful example is the global “BDS” (“Boycott, Sanctions, Divest”) campaign led by Palestine liberation forces against the apartheid and stranglehold of the parasitic Zionist setter-colonial entity. (4) The BDS movement targets Israeli businesses, fundraising operations, academic institutions, etc.

In the context of the entire First World enemy, and specifically the United States, action in solidarity with the Third World along similar lines with the pro-Palestine BDS movement is something to be considered by anti-imperialist forces. Instead of “Buy American”, the course of action should be “Don’t Buy American”, to use this as a specific example of a “Boycott American Imperialism” campaign. For US citizens opposed their own empire, the transformation of the “Tax Revolt” campaign from a conservative libertarian one to an internationalist anti-imperialist campaign can likewise be effective.

For the Third World itself, the use of the general strike is an increasingly powerful tool in the toolbox of the working masses against imperialist capital. The largest general labor strike in history happened in January 2019, where some 200 million workers brought the Indian economy to a standstill for 2 days. (5) While not sustained long enough to drive the BJP / Modi regime from power, the general strike put the power of the working class of the Third World on display. Today the possibility of a Global General Strike, consisting of workers from multiple countries across the Third World, is more feasible than ever before. Such an event would not only do damage to the bourgeois rulers of various countries in the Third World, but also do serious damage to the entire global system of capitalist-imperialist plunder and terrorism across the planet.

This is merely a beginning of a larger and ongoing discussion about our strategies, tactics, and logistics when it comes to opposing modern imperialism today. The rulers of the First World may be in the midst of a panicked crisis, but our enemies still play for keeps. We should maintain our cool and our focus, while also playing for keeps. To do whatever needs to be done to end this First World empire is one of the greatest causes worth fighting for.

It is right to rebel against the empire!


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